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Central vacuum cleaners do a great job at keeping your house from dirt and debris. They efficiently remove dust particles that may cause allergies and other sicknesses to the members of the house.

However, the pipes of these central vacuum systems can accumulate a lot of that dust over time. This can negatively affect the whole purpose of having a vacuum cleaning system. It will limit your vacuum from performing at its optimal efficiency.

Can Do Duct Cleaning specialize in using advanced equipment and techniques to efficiently perform central vacuum cleaning Ajax without any damage to the system?

Central Vacuum Cleaning Services in Ajax

Our services include the following:

Truck-mounted system:
A powerful system that produces enough suction to remove all debris from every nook and corner of your vacuum pipes.

Safe cleaning:
Even with powerful suctions, our professionals are proficient in keeping the system safe from any form of damage.

Spotless cleaning:
The powerful blowing and suction forces produced by our system ensure that all the clogged-up dust and debris gets removed from the vents. You wouldn’t have to worry about dust allergies and higher energy bills due to the poor operating conditions of the vacuum.

Altogether deliver you the perfect central vacuum cleaning Ajax!

Central Vac Maintenance and Cleaning

Central vac cleaning and maintenance services include every process that helps you live in a better and clean environment. Your central vacuum systems require regular expert attention to prevent them from consuming too much energy. By consistent maintenance procedures, you also get to increase the life of your system.

Our central vacuum cleaning service gives special attention to the following areas of your vacuum system.

  1. Filter: The filter of your vacuum system is responsible for collecting all the dust inhaled from your home. Our team inspects the filter and removes every dust material from it without incurring any damage. Furthermore, we will also advise you to change the filter if needed.
  2. Mechanical parts: Our team of experts inspects the mechanical parts as well. The motor blades might have a large amount of dust accumulated in them. Causing your central vacuum cleaner to have a reduced suction. We remove dust from them as well, which ensures the longevity of those mechanical parts.
  3. Corners: Your piping contains a number of bends depending on the structure of your home. Those areas require care every now and then so that they are able to maintain a smooth airflow throughout.
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Our Cleaning Process

    • Emptying the dust canister to ensure that all the new dust collected has a proper place to get stored.
    • Changing the filter bag is a major part of our central vac cleaning process. We spotlessly clean them and fit them back properly.
    • Lubricating the motors are also a part of our central vacuum cleaning services in Ajax. Through that, your systems can achieve higher suction and better cleaning properties.
    • Inspecting the system for sticky and greasy substances enables you to enjoy a clean and stink-free vacuuming operation throughout your home.

Benefits of a Clean Central Vacuum

With Can Do Duct Cleaning’s professional central vacuum cleaning services in Ajax, you can get to enjoy all these benefits of a clean central vacuum system:

  • Lets your vacuum system have a powerful suction to remove most dust and debris from your home.
  • Lengthens the life of the motor and other mechanical components of the central vacuum cleaner.
  • Enables you to save energy bills due to optimal efficiency.
  • Reduces the chances of sickness caused by dust and other particles in the piping.
  • Ensures the safety of the system by letting experts have a look at it.
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What is a Central Vacuum Cleaning System?

Central vacuum systems are those that you install within the walls of your house to enable efficient and quick removal of dust and debris. It has a motor to create suction in the pipes leading up to a vent. The dust and debris get collected on a canister or a bag, depending on the design of your system.

They are more powerful than conventional vacuum cleaners and also reduce the effort needed to clean the entire home. It helps you maintain better air quality within your household. Moreover, it operates at very low noise and also lasts longer when maintained properly.

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How does a Central Vacuum Cleaning System Work?

You initially house the motor in a remote location in your house. Then, all the pipes get connected to the motor from different parts of the house. There are inlets in several parts of the house to let you connect a pipe and blow/suck dust. The main unit separates into many pipes that run across the walls of your house. It helps you get the same powerful vacuum functions in all parts of the house.

  • Why Clean Your Air Duct System?

Central vac cleaning enables you to reduce your energy bills as well as derive more power from the vacuum cleaner installed. It also increases the life of the whole setup.

  • What We Do?

Can Do Duct Cleaning’s expert central vacuum cleaning services in Ajax, restore your central vacuum systems to their optimal state through a series of inspection, maintenance, and cleaning procedures.

  • Why Choose Can Do Duct Cleaning?

With us, you get certified professionals looking after your system without damaging it in any way. Furthermore, for central vacuum cleaning Ajax, we only use high-quality equipment that excels in clearing your vacuum pipes from any accumulated dust and debris.

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Book Our Central Vacuum Cleaning Services in Ajax

We provide continued maintenance at affordable rates that prevent your vacuum system from clogging up and reduce the chances of system failure. We prioritize the health of your family more than anything else. Hence, our staff follows appropriate safety and sanitary protocols to prevent allergens from roaming around in your household. And our quick services save you time and money!

Want your home to feel fresh throughout the season? Can Do Duct Cleaning’s professional central vacuum cleaning services in Ajax is the way to go. Book your service by filling out the ‘Get in touch with us’ form. Or contact us today at 647-339-4113 to get your central vacuum cleaner fixed ASAP!


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Book us for your duct cleaning and our experts will complete a free on-site inspection of your ducts to ensure they are working at there best all year round!


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Book us for your duct cleaning and our experts will complete a free on-site inspection of your ducts to ensure they are working at there best all year round!