Washroom Exhaust Cleaning

Washroom exhausts are designed to remove odours and pollutants and control the moisture inside a bathroom. However, washroom exhausts need to be maintained and cleaned frequently, else it will lead to the build-up of debris and dust. This, in turn, results in poor ventilation and excessive wear and tear of the exhaust parts. Moreover, if a washroom exhaust is not cleaned properly, it won’t be able to control moisture effectively. Excessive moisture in a washroom leads to warped doors, mould and fungus growth and peeling of finishes. It is recommended that you get your washroom exhaust cleaned by professionals once every year.

Can Do Duct Cleaning Service can help you out with all your washroom exhaust cleaning needs. We have a team of certified, qualified and trained technicians who can clean your exhaust systems efficiently and effectively. The washroom exhaust system removes wet air from the room when you take a hot shower and clean your home. It’s vital to clean your exhaust system because it works so hard to filter out contaminants. Want to have your exhaust system cleaned? Search for washroom exhaust services near me on the net for us, book us, and we will do our best service.

Washroom Exhaust Cleaning Services

At Can Do Duct Cleaning Service we specialise in offering washroom exhaust cleaning services all across, Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. We use a portable electric vacuum and compressed air connected to our truck to offer high-pressure cleaning services. Our washroom exhaust cleaning services improve the efficiency of your exhaust and will save you time and money.

Washroom Exhaust Cleaning Experts

CanDo Duct Cleaning Service provides washroom exhaust cleaning Ajax and nearby townships. Our high-pressure cleaning service uses compressed air and a portable electric vacuum, and our service saves you time and money. We are expert cleaners concerned with a healthy home and we have several satisfied clients.

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Why Clean Your Washroom Exhaust Fan?

An exhaust fan clogged with lint and dust from the interior will not work correctly. As a result, extra moisture will build up inside the exhaust and the ceilings and walls surrounding it. Connect with experts from washroom exhaust cleaning.

Getting exhaust fan cleaning services is a terrific way to prevent the risks of a total shutdown and the costs of repairs or a new fan. So cleaning the bathroom exhaust fan is necessary and beneficial.

When does the washroom exhaust system need to be checked and cleaned?

If any of the following warning signals appear, the washroom exhaust system should be checked and cleaned:

  • If it makes a lot of noise while operating
  • If it moves, very little air
  • If it is not energy efficient
  • If it uses a lot of wattages and consumes a lot of electricity
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Service Overview

Our technicians follow a tried and tested procedure for cleaning exhaust systems. Upon arrival, our technicians will first disconnect power from your exhaust system. Following this, they will remove and clean the cover vents of your exhaust unit. Any fan assembly in your exhaust system will also be dismantled and cleaned thoroughly.

After this basic cleaning process, we will connect our portable electric vacuum and use compressed air to remove any dirt, dust and debris from your exhaust vents. In case of excessive grease, mould or other pollutants, our technicians will employ special procedures to loosen and remove build-up.

First off, they will cover their shoes before entering your home and review your requirements. Then, they will prepare your home for cleaning by covering your floors with protective drop sheets and placing corner guards wherever necessary. They will then cover your heat registers, open your air return grills and clean them thoroughly. Your air ducts will be scrubbed, cleaned and vacuumed with our 250PSI air pressure. Your furnace will also be wiped down and your air filter will be checked to complete the cleaning.

Call 647-339-4113 for washroom exhaust cleaning services in Ajax, North York, East York, Scarborough, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Markham & surrounding Greater Toronto Areas in Ontario.

Our Washroom Exhaust Cleaning Process

Our experts from washroom exhaust cleaning Scarborough, take not more than 20 minutes to complete the process of cleaning your washroom exhaust fan. Here’s what we should do:

  • Before doing anything else, turn off the fan at the circuit box.
  • We examine if your bathroom has enough light to operate in.
  • First, we remove the fan’s cover with the necessary tools.
  • Then we clean the fan cover with cleaning solvent after removing any loose debris or dust clumps.
  • To clean the fan’s interior, including the blades, we utilise a vacuum attachment (or compressed air can).
  • Examine the condition of your fan cover. Remove any stuck-on grime with a soft cloth, then rinse and dry the cover completely.
  • Replace the fan cover and re-energize the circuit breaker (or screw it on).
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Why It’s Important to Clean Your Exhaust System

Our best team for  washroom exhaust cleaning near you, can assist in cleaning your washroom exhaust if it’s gathering impurities from the air. Cleaning your exhaust system regularly will:

  • Assist your exhaust system’s performance.
  • Maintain a hygienic and odour-free environment in your rooms.
  • Stop allergens from spreading throughout your body.

Our washroom exhaust cleaning services can:

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Why Choose ‘Can Do Duct Cleaning’?

If you’re still not convinced, look at why washroom exhaust cleaning Richmond Hill, is the finest in your area and how we provide excellent service!

  • Provide professional Washroom Exhaust Cleaning Services: We are a group of skilled professionals with years of experience in this sector who will walk you through maintaining your systems.
  • Our services are offered at a reasonable price: Our services are incredibly cost-effective and may be tailored to meet the specific demands of each client. We provide some of the most affordable rates on the market.
  • Our Objective: As a top priority, we strive to achieve client satisfaction. We give it our all to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with their service.
  • Getting in Touch With Us is Simple: At washroom exhaust cleaning Markham, we make it simple to schedule or reschedule your appointment over the phone or online. It’s a simple method that requires no additional work on your part.

Can Do Duct Cleaning has been in business for several years and is happy to serve the Commercial and Industrial industries in Greater Toronto. We offer the best washroom exhaust cleaning services at an affordable price across the Greater Toronto area.

Make an appointment for washroom exhaust cleaning services immediately, or call 647-339-4113 for more information.


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Book us for your duct cleaning and our experts will complete a free on-site inspection of your ducts to ensure they are working at there best all year round!


check our online quote for more details


Book us for your duct cleaning and our experts will complete a free on-site inspection of your ducts to ensure they are working at there best all year round!